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Intruding Players Ch. 18 (KNB Various x Reader)
Despite how much you wanted to attempt walking on your own, Akashi ended up carrying you bridal style until you finally arrived to your house. You knew how he felt about those who opposed him so you didn't bother arguing against it to test the theory. He may not have looked like it but he was actually quite strong to be able to carry you without showing signs of fatigue that you could see.
"Thank you, Akashi, although it wasn't necessary. I could have walked or at least limped," you said truthfully once he set you down on your front steps.
"It was no problem at all. I just passed by from an early training session with my team."
And it was true. He had his sports bag with him and had his basketball jacket draped over his shoulders.
"Um... I'm not very good with all this formal stuff to be honest," you admitted scratching your cheek nervously. "So... um... You can come in if you'd like until the fog finishes clearing up."
"I'd like that, thank you," he said laughing lightly.
Fumbling wit
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Mature content
Intruding Players Ch. 17 (KNB Various x Reader) :iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 48 25
Intruding Players Ch. 16 (KNB Various x Reader)
"I said no."
"What's so wrong about it?"
"Plenty of reasons."
"I'll still go."
"I said no."
An argument was how your Friday evening started. Why? Aomine was being stubborn about the party that Naomi and the others had told them about while Musubi distracted you the other day. You had decided to remain vague about why they shouldn't go just because you thought it was better that way. It seemed to have worked as reverse psychology for Aomine, apparently, because he was now more determined to go.
"And you expect to stop me how exactly?" Aomine challenged with scowl on his face as he stared you down. He might have been taller than you but your glare was just as intimidating.
"I'll find a way," you said simply as you brushed past him with the plates of food you had prepared for dinner. "Now sit down and eat. Don't make me repeat myself." You said coldly, your eyes narrowed at Aomine.
The rest sweatdropped feeling the dark aura surrounding you. You were a completely diffe
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Intruding Players Ch. 15 (KNB Various x Reader)
It was the last period of the day, finally, and you haven't been able to focus after what happened earlier in the day. It was P.E. and since it was cold outside you were able to be inside the gym and use the sports equipment provided. Strange enough, you had this period with all four of the basketball players. You decided to just practice your shooting with the basketballs that were out. Aomine sat against the wall to watch you practice since he chose not to do anything.
"I'll keep count of how many baskets you miss," Aomine said smirking. You huffed and shot the first one, making it go in without touching the rim. You ignored him and just continued to kill time by practicing. You were about to shoot a fifth consecutive time.
"(Y/n)cchi!" Kise yelled over, making you lose your focus before the shot. The ball bounced off the rim and off to the side. You sighed.
"There goes one," Aomine called over, the smirk returning to his face as he saw your irritation.
"Shut up, Ahomine," you shot b
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 43 14
Intruding Players Ch. 14 (KNB Various x Reader)
"Remind me to take you guys shopping after school. You guys can't keep wearing your school uniform all the time. It's unsanitary," you said as you made a quick omelette for the five of you before heading to school. The toast popped out of the toaster and you stuck it in your mouth from the corner.
"Hai," they all answered in unison, all In their own tone of voice, as they sat at the dining table in the other room.
"Come take your plates and eat quick. It's getting late and we still need to get Aomine and Kagami's class schedules," you said taking off your apron and handing them off their plates as they entered the kitchen.
They all thanked you and left to eat at the table, Aomine being the last one. You refused to look him in the eye as he took his plate from your hand. Your hands accidentally touched when you handed it off and you could perfectly tell he was smirking at the light shade of pink that covered your cheeks even though you didn't dare look at him.
You still felt a bit uneas
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 49 12
Intruding Players Ch. 13 (KNB Various x Reader)
You didn't bother checking on the situation in the living room but you guessed they had sorted something out eventually and went to rest in the other two guest rooms. You assumed they took up the room next to Kise and the one in front of it.
Sleep seemed like your best and only choice after that incident, so you did. You just needed to get your mind off some things and sort things out for yourself.
You had slept peacefully in the oversized shirt you had for when you got too lazy to struggle with a pajama. Snuggling against your pillow you sighed and opened one eye to check what time it was on your clock. It was only 6:00 am so you still had about an hour or so of sleep before you got up to go to school.
'Right. School.' You probably had to enroll those two as transfer students as well. You groaned into your pillow. 'That requires too much effort...' You thought as you pulled the covers even further over you.
You were just falling back asleep when you felt someone sit on the edge of you
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 44 13
Intruding Players Ch. 12 (KNB Various x Reader)
You watched as you sat on a bench with Number 2 also watching from the comfort of your lap. You had your chin propped on your hand as you silently observed with your listless, bored eyes. You had a feeling this was coming. How did they choose to settle their differences? Violence? Nope.
Now you were sitting on the bench that was on the small court as Kagami and Aomine played one-on-one. You sighed and blew a strand of (h/c) hair out of your face, only to have it fall back into place. They wouldn't listen to you when you argued that the fog was still thick and that it wasn't a good idea to play basketball. You were ignored, of course, and told by Aomine to stop bossing him around like Momoi would. You gave up eventually, which brings you to your bored state at the moment.
"Can we leave? It's not safe in this fog and you know that!" You called over as they were deeply involved in their current game. You huffed in annoyance as you felt you were being ignored and neglected.
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 42 10
Intruding Players Ch. 11 (KNB Various x Reader)
You were finally headed home after your stressful day at school. You were so worn out mentally that you didn't even bother feeling irritated after the equipment room incident. The three of you were walking home and even though it was still early, it was rather cold outside. You pulled your (f/c) scarf up enough to cover your nose so you could keep warm. You looked up at the graying sky and sighed so your warm breath showed in the cold air. 'Another fog? Gimme a break...' You furrowed your brows together.
"(Y/n)cchi, is something wrong?" Kise asked and you shook your head while still looking at the ground while you walked.
"I think we should go shopping tomorrow instead. There's gonna be another fog and then it'll be hard to see." You said pointing up at the rapidly darkening sky. They both looked up.
"How can you tell?" Kuroko finally spoke up. You shrugged.
"Just a hunch. I don't know but I have an uneasy feeling just being out here." You said as the three of you continued walking. Th
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 54 7
Intruding Players Ch. 10 (KNB Various x Reader)
You and Kuroko sat on the pile of mats against the wall as you were still trapped in the equipment room. You figured there was no point in being embarrassed about the kiss since you were both stuck with each other either way. It was already nearing the end of gym and everyone would soon go home since it was the last class. You sat there resting your head on his shoulder as both of you talked about each other's past. He told you all about the Generation of Miracles and his days in Teiko. It was interesting enough that a lot of the things he told you were never mentioned in the show so you were learning a lot about him. He also told you more about his recent time in Seirin and about his teammates, Kagami included.
He asked you about your past eventually and you felt you had opened up a little more to him. You almost never told anyone your past and so you kept the pain bottled up inside. Taking a deep breath, you began to let everything out in order to pass the time in that dark room you
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 47 8
Intruding Players Ch. 9 (KNB Various x Reader)
You dreaded the next day. Kise would now be attending your high school just like Kuroko does. You didn't hate it because of him. No, of course not. You could never hate him even though his childishness irritated you at some instances and it had only been two days since you found him. To be clear, you knew that two certain people and their group of minions would try to lure him into their trap. You knew Naomi and Musubi would instantly go after him. You had already taken precautions, though, and explained to Kise what they were like, although you were pretty sure Kise didn't pay much attention to what you told him.
You made your way to your school, this time with an additional person walking with you and Kuroko. Both walked on either side of you as you made your way to the school and headed towards the office to retrieve Kise's class schedule.
"Well, you have a few classes with me. Probably some with Kuroko, too." You said as you inspected his classes. "Hm... Let's see... You have your
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 49 5
Intruding Players Ch. 8 (KNB Various x Reader)
After your much deserved nap you woke up and stretched as Number 2 stretched and yawned on your stomach. You were now full of energy and you felt the need to use it up.
"That was a nice nap, huh?" You smiled down at the pup that was now on your lap barking in agreement. Something was off, though. Kise wasn't around making noise or hugging you unexpectedly like he had done before. "He's probably in his room," you shrugged. You still went to check on him though and as you peeked through the door you saw him sleeping again on his own bed. You didn't know about it but Kise had decided to take a nap as well to prevent him from doing something stupid while you were sound asleep. Especially after what he had unconsciously blurted out while you were in your sleeping state. You closed the door and the small pup followed you wagging his tail in his usual hyper and energetic state. Number 2 was quite find of you since you got along well with his master and so he saw you almost as lovingly as with
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 51 10
Intruding Players Ch. 7 (KNB Various x Reader)
The same scene again. The same exact scene played before you and yet your mind could never adjust to it. You stood in a forest, trees towering above you and endless shadows preventing you from looking beyond them. Then a light faintly glowed in the distance and how you dreaded this light as the fire spread and you saw smoke surrounding you as it crept through the trees. 'No! Not again!' You pleaded in your mind as you started running towards the source of the smoke through the thick forest. 'Faster! Run faster! Please!' You begged your legs as they ran over the thin blanket of ashes now covering the floor more and more like snow as you approached the source of smoke. 'This time I will! I'll get there fast enough! Please just this one time!' You begged in your own mind as your legs automatically ran in the desired direction. And then as you ran through, you spotted a lifeless body hanging from one of the branches. You felt your legs weaken and your eyes widened in horror at the corpse h
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 47 8
Intruding Players Ch. 6 (KNB Various x Reader)
You stood there, unable to move as you stood staring at the person now directly in front of you. Standing in the fog, you could finally see him clearly as he stood confused by who you mistook him for.
"Hm? Who are you?" He asked trying to get a better view of your face through the fog as he stepped closer to you. Unable to speak you just stood there frozen in place. "Oh! You mentioned Kuroko right? Would you maybe mean Kuroko Tetsuya?" He said and you just nodded silently. "Are you a friend of Kurokocchi's? How come I've never seen you before? And this isn't the Seirin uniform." He said as he inspected your school uniform.
'W-Why is Kise here?' You thought as you were continuously bombarded with nonstop questions from Kise. You were snapped out of your thoughts as he waved a hand in front of your face to get your attention.
"Are you okay? You sounded like you were in a panic looking for someone." He asked a little concerned as both of you stood in the dead-silent street surrounded by t
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 51 7
Intruding Players Ch. 5 (KNB Various x Reader)
"Class, today I would like to introduce a new transfer student." Your homeroom teacher said in a tired and sleepy voice. You sat in the back of the class by the window, smiling like an idiot at how easy it was to get Kuroko enrolled as a transfer student. After Kuroko introduced himself, as instructed by the teacher, the teacher assigned him the empty seat beside you at the back of the class. All you could do was smile like an idiot the rest of class until your lunch break. You didn't even pay attention to the lecture too much because you were too excited that you were now going to school with Kuroko.
For your lunch break you ate the lunch you made for the both of you when you felt you were being stared at. You were eating in the classroom and it was pretty full with other students, so even if you scanned the room you couldn't tell who it was, but you knew someone was definitely watching you. You took another bite of you lunch and tried to ignore the feeling. Kuroko noticed that you ke
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 47 4
Intruding Players Ch. 4 (KNB Various x Reader)
You woke up Sunday morning, stretching out on the bed before collapsing on the bed again. You really didn't want to get up so you just buried your face in your pillow and sighed. Everything that had happened in the past two days felt unreal and then a panicking thought crossed your mind. What if it was a dream? You were now scared to lift your face in order to scan the room for Kuroko but eventually turned your head to the side only to be met by Kuroko's peacefully sleeping face. You sighed with relief. You could never get over how adorable he was when he slept and the fact that he was now actually in front of you in the real world still felt like a dream. You slowly got out of bed to go to the bathroom and wash your face, hopefully you didn't wake him up. Number 2 already felt you were up and stretched out on the pillow he slept on before following you to the bathroom.
You finished at least getting rid of the sleepiness from your face and fixed your messy (h/c) hair that was tangled a
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 47 11
Intruding Players Ch. 3 (KNB Various x Reader)
No words can explain how embarrassed you felt at how the first time Kuroko actually spoke to you was when he walked in on you changing. Well, after much debating in your mind while locked inside the bathroom you finally mustered up the courage to at least face him to apologize for yelling at him. It's not like you could hide in the bathroom forever, although the idea had crossed your mind.
Now seated on a small black couch you had in your room, you sat opposite from Kuroko who was still sitting on your bed avoiding eye contact because just looking at you brought back the image of you when he intruded. Both of you were sitting in silence for what seemed like an eternity and you weren't sure if you should break the silence or not. Knowing how people would always use you because of your wealth, you had distanced yourself from many people already so you weren't really a "people person". Now you hesitated and fidgeted in your seat as the silence dragged on. Number 2 seemed uncomfortable wit
:iconpetrafiedmikasa:PetrafiedMikasa 54 8


otsukare! by s-haa otsukare! :icons-haa:s-haa 352 44 Bertholdt by Myme1 Bertholdt :iconmyme1:Myme1 1,025 79
Akashi x Reader Temptation
Akashi x Reader
Theme: Innocence
Warning: Some swearing

Today was [Name]’s birthday, and her boyfriend, Akashi Seijurou, had decided to host a birthday party in his huge mansion. At her request, however, only the other Generation of Miracles members were invited, but Momoi couldn’t make it. Nevertheless, [Name] loved it.
[Name] had been a student at Teiko as well, being a year younger the rest of the crew.
When she had first entered the middle school as a first year, she was immediately scouted as a vice-manager after Akashi had taken some interest in her. Akashi’s team members absolutely adored her, because she had been the one to lessen the harsh punishments he often gave.
Kuroko was slightly more talkative in her pre
sence. She always noticed him, and wasn’t at all surprised at his random appearances.
Kise was enthusiastic around her, hugging her whenever he had a chance, often risking Akashi’s wrath. [Name] didn’t mind. She hugged him back
:iconbookwormangel33:bookwormangel33 694 70
Hope by rachelhuey88 Hope :iconrachelhuey88:rachelhuey88 642 18 Akashi #9 by neko-niki Akashi #9 :iconneko-niki:neko-niki 145 3 Sakurai. by ADFlowright Sakurai. :iconadflowright:ADFlowright 50 7 Kuroko. by Verrett Kuroko. :iconverrett:Verrett 65 5 Kuroko: Dancer of the Skies by AoI-AkUmI Kuroko: Dancer of the Skies :iconaoi-akumi:AoI-AkUmI 43 12 Like this, every time by Azeher Like this, every time :iconazeher:Azeher 92 2 Kagami-different hair by Bluewatershooter Kagami-different hair :iconbluewatershooter:Bluewatershooter 91 12 kiseki x hair tie by s-haa kiseki x hair tie :icons-haa:s-haa 463 39 06/13 by s-haa 06/13 :icons-haa:s-haa 540 52
Reader x KnB: Holiday job Chapter 12
Auhtor's note: My holidays are too short!!! I don't want to go back to school next week!! *crying* But nervertheless I had time to write the next chapter. Hope you like it :D
f/n = first name
l/n = last name
e/c = eye color
h/c = hair color
f/c = favourite color
Riko and Momoi are running to us and Riko says "(_f/n_), I'm so glad you're here! We all were sooo worried!!!"
And with a sideglance at Makoto she continues "But what is Hanamiya doing here?"
I feel Makoto tense up. "I'm here to bring (_f/n_) back. Something you idiots were not capable of."
Here it goes. Makoto's being an ashole again and the others let themselves get annoyed. Kagami stomps over and places himself in front of Makoto. "What the hell are you complaining about!? We would have done something if we were allowed to. So don't throw a tantrum!"
And before Makoto or another guy could say something my boss walks quickly to us. "I'm really grateful, Hanamiya, that you found (_f/n_). For you this situation was worrisome to
:iconpossibly-wrong:possibly-wrong 86 20
Drawing on the Japanese picnic xD by Reyos-Cheney Drawing on the Japanese picnic xD :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 25 7



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Well since homework will keep me busy for a bit and will probably prevent me from updating sometime soon I'll just put them here.... Then maybe I'll feel like I accomplished something on this account and didn't just abandon it ._.'
So yeah! Take it! Bye! :)


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